Holiday with God

18-21 April, 2017 | General Interest

O.L.D. Chatswood Parish Children's 'Holiday with God'

When: 18 - 21 April from 9:00 to 6:00 PM

Location: St Joseph Narrabeen's Catholic Church Northern Beaches

The 'Holiday with God' is for children aged 6 to 12 who through Fun, Fellowship, and Faith grow together by getting to respect each other in a safe, friendly, Christ-centered environment. The children meet new and old friends in a safe environment, supported by parents and ministry leaders, while serving at the altar and exploring religious life. All of this while having a great time!

In order to support the children to have a great experience, there is a cost of $30 per child per day to cover the cost of the different activities and snacks.



The O.L.D. 'Holiday with God' program had plenty free time and learning opportunities such as:

- beach walking

- Flying Fox

- painting and drawing

- Photo Shooting Course

- music and singing

- cooking

- table tennis

- volleyball and/or socccer



O.L.D. 'Holiday with God' program is a fun new way to meet new friends and sometimes from other parishes around Chatswood. Attendees make lasting connections through group activities, free time and group-based meals.



The children have a daily prayerful environment. In the morning, the children will have workshiop opportunities to discover the different ministries in the parish. There are also conferences which feature talks on religious life and opportunities to participate in the Sacrament of Confession and holy mass.


The 'Holiday with God' is sonsered by the 'Young Family Group' from the O.L.D. Chatswood Parish. The 'Young Family Group', under the direction and guidance from Fr Paul Finucane and Katya Polimeni, set up a roster model to ensure that constant adult supervision takes place during this program. All of the parents who are part of the 'Holiday with God' roster have a current and verified Working with Children clearance number.