Diocese of the Broken Bay Domestic Violence Kit

3 July 2018 | General Interest

Domestic Violence is sadly a reality in many people's lives, and takes many forms including verbal, physical, psychological, and sexual. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1 in 6 Australian women, and 1 in 16 Australian men have been subjected, since age 15 , to violence by a current or previous partner (ABS 2017b).

It is important that we are all better educated and better equipped to respond to domestic violence. This kit offers support for parishes and seeks to inform and to provide practical resources. A number of handouts are included which can be copied and distributed as needed. Flyers are also provided which can be displayed around the parish. Small business cards are offered from the back of the Church which can be a life-line for a parishioner or visitor, and a Prayer is offered for use in the parish context.

Download the booklet here.